“It doesn’t define me.”

“I have Cerebral Palsy, but it doesn’t define me. I am a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an athlete, a reader, a thinker, and a helper. I love reaching out to people with my whole heart. Does this make me vulnerable? Definitely. But it also makes life worth living.”


“Walking with crutches has two distinct advantages: First, it gives my biceps an automatic workout. Secondly, cute guys hold doors for me all the time!”


“My body isn’t perfect, but I love working out. It makes me feel alive! Whether I put on my running shoes and pound the pavement, stretch out with yoga, or get in the pool, it’s a huge stress reliever, and I feel better for it.”


“I believe God puts every experience in our lives for a purpose. I love to look back and see how he worked out situations that were so hard for me to go through at the time.”

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“This year I hosted an international student. It was a wonderful experience for me and at first somewhat terrifying. What a privilege to help shape the life of someone else’s daughter. What a responsibility. We had our best talks in the car on the way to school or band practice or the grocery store. Sometimes these talks ended up being about body image because she would ask a question like “Do you worry about what other people think when they see you walk?” The answer is yes, sometimes. What I hope I conveyed in those conversations is that we are all unique. While it is important to take care of ourselves physically, whatever our height or weight or shape, we are more than our bodies.”

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