Anonymous Series for The Honest Body Project

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being photographed in the anonymous series. This series only includes the women, no children. I will be photographing you using shadows and other ways of hiding your face and anything identifiable that you do not want to show (tattoo, etc.). No names will be used either. You can share anything, a secret, a confession, a taboo subject, anything to do with womanhood or motherhood. But please.. no criminal confessions, LOL!  We will both sign a consent form and I will add a clause to it that I will keep whatever confessions you tell me anonymous. The images + stories will be used on the website, social media, etc. I expect this series may get picked up by news media as well.

I will go over submissions and select the participants within the next 10 days.

Be sure to after submission that the form says it was successful and did not have any errors.

Thank you!

Have you been featured in The Honest Body Project previously?
What subject do you plan to talk about? Please elaborate a bit, but this will not be the final version of your submission, it does not need to be perfect.

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