About The Honest Body Project

Join me on a journey to self love and put an end to shaming your body.  As women, we judge ourselves harder than anyone else ever will.  Our bodies are strong, capable, wonderful and amazing things… but we still aren’t happy when we look in the mirror.  Having children changes our body in ways we never expect.  This change is BEAUTIFUL.  Appreciate your stretch marks, they show you grew a child inside you.  Embrace the once tight and now loose skin, it shows you birthed this amazing child.  Love your postpartum breasts, they show your body created milk to nourish your child.  LOVE YOURSELF.

I want to give a voice to women to share whatever is in their heart.  I will not edit their stories.  What you read comes directly from the woman in the portrait.  These women are strong, amazing, brave and inspirational. Thank you to everyone who gives me the honor of photographing them.

About Natalie McCain


I am a photographer –>

I am a mother to 2 amazing, beautiful, and wonderful children.

I have a wonderful husband who supports my dreams of making this project a reality.

I want to help the next generation of women we are raising to have healthy body images.  Lets show them what women look like when they aren’t photoshopped and empower mothers everywhere to wear your postpartum body proudly.  Show your children that what size your pants are doesn’t change how much you love yourself.

This project is my heart and soul.  Thank you for following it. Words cannot express how much it means to me.

Contact Natalie at

Pictured below is Natalie McCain and her daughter.


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  1. It’s been 11 years since my baby was born…she sees me unhappy with my body. I never want her to feel that way. Thank you for creating such a positive movement. Your photographs are beautiful.

  2. I am a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist / Doctor of Women’s Health. I help women prepare for childbirth, deliver their babies and recover afterwards.
    I wasn’t able to carry a child due to an accident that broke my pelvis in 8 places. I was told I would never walk OR have a baby. I’m a competitive runner and adopted my little girl that is more my child than I could have ever “had”. My body is not what you would call symmetrical or what you see in the magazines by any means, and I have created a security blanket with tattoos on my back, but I love my strong & functional body. I want my daughter to love and respect her body because that is what we as women SHOULD do. Congrats on this project! This is so needed in our society!

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