“I have been a loner my entire life…”


“Friendship has never been as important to me or as easy as it has been in the past 16 months of my life. I have been a loner my entire life. I got along with everyone and never truly clicked with anyone. I could make myself enough of what I needed to be depending on the group I was with. I have never felt like I needed to do that with the mom friends I have now. We agree. We disagree. We still support each other. We all agree parenting is difficult. We all agree we need each other to lean on when we feel like we might break. We have a few of us that have continued a group chat for months. We check in to see how each other are each day. We make each other laugh. We listened when each other cry. It seems so simple and silly, but it’s therapeutic. Knowing I’m not alone in this crazy journey means so much.”


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