“At 24 I am a mother of two and my life looks entirely…”

“At 24 I am a mother of two and my life looks entirely different from what I imagined it would look like at this age. And my body is certainly nothing like the bodies of most 20-somethings: soft, formless breasts, loose skin on my stomach and stretch marks on my butt, breasts and stomach. But the thing I have to tell myself is that my body has done something incredible! I have carried and birthed not one but TWO 9 ½ pound babies and nursed them to 2 years and beyond. For nearly 5 ½ years my body has been dedicated to motherhood. I nursed my son from birth until just before his 2nd birthday and I was almost 3 months pregnant with my daughter. And here I am still nursing my daughter nearly a month after her 2nd birthday. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to nourish and grow two such beautiful and healthy babies, not only in my womb but outside of it as well.”



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