“I’m ready to move past my depression…”


“I don’t think I ever truly knew how amazing the human body is until I had children. I knew I always wanted to be a mother but physically and emotionally I had no idea what that entailed. The physical changes are what everyone notices and talks about but the emotional have been so much harder for me. I’ve suffered from postpartum depression since my first child was born. I still suffer with my second being born. My ob/gyn always says “I want you to be the best mother you can be.” And that means I take medication to help me and my family. I’ve had to make that decision and it is hard, especially since I breastfed my first and I’m breastfeeding my second. I’m proud of my body that it carried two beautiful children into this world and is able to provide breastmilk for them. It amazes me that a body can do that. I’ve bounced back to my original weight after my pregnancies but I’ve noticed a new addition. What I call the “mom” belly. I don’t think it’s going away this time and that is okay. I’m not about to forgo brownies or ice cream just to get rid of my “mom” belly. It’s a reminder that my body stretched and stretched to carry two children safely into this world. I’m fortunate because there are women who don’t have that privilege. So who am I to try to change what I’ve been granted. I want to be a part of this project because I’m ready to move past my depression. I think this may be the first step in some odd way. I guess it would be awareness, acceptance, acknowledgement. If I scream it from the roof tops maybe I can finally start to heal. It is time. I have a loving husband, amazing children, a great job, a house, etc. It is time to move on. I’m ready to move on.”


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