“Sometimes looks can be deceiving…”

“Sometimes looks can be deceiving. I look healthy and strong on the outside, but inside something is broken. I am the mother of four healthy children, but it was a struggle to get them here safely. I have spent weeks in the hospital, months and months on bedrest, refill after refill of terrifying pre-term labor meds, and have had several scary surgical procedures to help my babies stay put. By the 3rd baby, I was told that a cerclage would help me carry to term. Much to my delight, it did. My last two babies were delivered full-term without extended hospital stays or endless months of bedrest. The road wasn’t completely smooth, but much more manageable. I was able to hold them right away and breastfeed them immediately. It was wonderful and something so many moms might take for granted.”




One thought on ““Sometimes looks can be deceiving…”

  1. <3 your project. Kind words and moments like these need to be shared and discussed. thank you :) for all the time and effort you put into this.

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