“I learn that the majority of them have suffered from some sort of sexual assault…”

“The closer I become with my female friends, the more I learn that the majority of them have suffered from some sort of sexual assault in their lifetime. It’s not exactly a dinner party conversation. It is a very uncomfortable thing for people to discuss. When I was a wayward teenager, I would frequent the local convenience store by my high school to buy cigarettes underage. It was widely known that they sold anything to anyone. During my last visit there, the middle-aged male clerk came around the counter, gave me a hug & promptly grabbed my breast. I was mortified. I pushed him away, told him that was not okay and stormed out without paying for my cigarettes. I shared my story with friends & quickly learned that many girls at my high school had experienced the same thing from the same man at the same store. None of them did anything about it. I went to the police. Having to tell this story in court as a teenage girl was almost more embarrassing than being violated. The perverted old man got probation for violating a teenage girl’s body. I’m not sure that was the best consequence. I thank my lucky stars that I was strong enough to speak-up, & that my family raised me not to accept that sort of treatment from anyone.”



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