“Sometimes I feel damn proud of my stretch…”

“Sometimes I feel damn proud of my stretch marks. Sometimes they are a gross reminder that my body will never look the same again. I struggle with the idea that I will somehow return to my former pre child physical self. I look at myself in the mirror and my belly squishes over the top of my pants. I stand up straighter, suck it in, try a couple different angles and then say to myself “F**k it. This is what I’m wearing today. It is appropriate for my body because I just put it on my body.” Motherhood is not always beautiful. In fact it can be pretty gross and awful sometimes. I of course wouldn’t change it. I love raising these fun, smart, crazy, wild, loving and kind children. They force me to overcome my own personal issues everyday. They love me unfailingly. They love me when I yell, when I feel worthless. They love me for me, for all of my imperfections and scars. They truly see the messy, forgetful person that I am, and they love me anyway.”



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