“I’m able to look at my body as a living scrapbook of my life….”

1“When I was younger, I worried about every imperfection on my body, but the older I get, the more I’m able to see them all as evidence of the journey I’m on. I have a chicken pox scar above my eyebrow and a scar on my thigh from an elementary school field day… I have tattoos I got with my best friend when I was 18 and having my first taste of freedom… I have scars on my legs from when I first started running and fell while being chased by a dog… I have sun spots on my face from before I realized that you really do have to wear sunscreen every day in Florida… I have a scar from my long ago removed belly button ring that stretched during my pregnancies… I have stretchmarks on my upper thighs from supporting my body when it was carrying a ten and a half pound baby. More and more, I’m able to look at my body as a living scrapbook of my life.”


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