“Nursing has been such a beautiful part of my…”

“Nursing has been such a beautiful part of my relationship with my children. It was incredible in my first uncertain moments as a mother to hold my fragile newborn in my arms, this beautiful baby who had grown and been nourished within my body for the last 9 months, and know that my body was equipped to continue meeting his needs. And as time went on, I realized that nursing was doing more than meeting his physical needs – the warmth, the comfort, the closeness were as important as the calories and vitamins and antibodies. With each of my children, as they have grown, what nursing adds to our relationship has continued to grow. From a baby teething to a toddler with a scraped knee or busted lip, nursing provides comfort in painful situations. It’s a chance to reconnect with a busy toddler, a moment of calm during a hectic day. It’s security for an unsure or fearful child. It’s looking into your child’s eyes and remembering just how much you love this often frustrating little person. It’s physical, tangible love. I think that habit of comforting your child through your presence stays with you, too. My oldest is 8; it’s been many years since he has breastfed. But when we talk, when I read to him, when I tuck him in for the night, in the moments when we want to and need to connect to one another again, he snuggles close to me and once again my body becomes a place of comfort and security. Although the nursing stage is short in the grand scheme of things, I hope my children never feel that they are too big to be comforted in my arms.”



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