Wanna Love My Body ~ A Music Video Body Positive Parody

Happy International Women’s Day!
To celebrate, we are dropping our new body positive music video.. Wanna Love My Body! Share & spread a little body positivity on this special day!The Spice Girls were a staple in my childhood and a huge inspiration to me as a child. I found power in their message of Girl Power.

Today I’m sharing a video of women and their children dressed up as Spice Girls singing to the tune of the song Wannabe. 
While it’s meant to be silly and funny, the message of body positivity also brings tears to my eyes. LADIES, young girls around the world are looking up to you to be a role models for them! Whether you’re a parent, a friend, an Aunt… show them how to love their own bodies, by modeling your own self-love. We can do this. We can change the mindset of the next generation of women.
It all starts with our dialogue and bringing to light the crippling message society has been sending women and young girls since the dawn of time. We need to stand together and say enough is enough. It’s time!
We’re all beautiful & all bodies are good… zig-a-zag-ahhhhh!!

ENJOY! And yes, I RAP in the song…you don’t want to miss that!

A big shout out to Nick Matarazzo for the videography. Nick, you are amazing! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to El Bodegon in Cocoa Village, FL for allowing us space to film!

Instrumental version of Wannabe in the style of the Spice Girls authorized for use by www.karaoke-version.com and www.tencymusic.com.